…honest to God #6…

08 Oct

Several times, I’ve been requested to sign a petition on Facebook to have prayer returned to our public schools. I find it hard to sign their petition which claims “that american people want there rights back to pray and speack out freely about what there faith is.”

I refuse to sign any educational petition that fails to capitalize the word “American” and that misspells the word “speak.” Adding to the grammatical incorrectness, the petition also wrongly substituted the word “there” for the word “their.”

But I didn’t decline to sign the petition just because it was riddled with misspelled and misused words. We need to understand that all prayer is not banned in public schools. The only prayers banned are state-sanctioned or mandatory prayers, which would violate our American principle belief in the separation of church and state. Students can still pray in school. They always have…and they always will.

I have rather strong theological beliefs that I attempted to share with my children. Although many of their school teachers were fine, upstanding citizens, they did not necessarily share my religious and theological tenants. I would not have wanted any of them to have directed my children’s prayers.

I was quite comfortable, however, trusting those same teachers to nurture my children in the areas of science, history, and countless other fields where my knowledge is sorely lacking.

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  1. Annie

    December 17, 2012 at 11:05 pm

    When I read the first paragraph I immediately noticed the word ‘there’ where ‘their’ should have been. It wasn’t until I got down to the 3rd or 4th paragraph that I realized that that had been done intentionally. Very clever.